Fiskeslagteren, our new seafood shop, is open for a sneak preview Monday 30 December and Tuesday 31 December. 

Buy a whole fish or half, get live seafood from the Faroe Islands, freshly dived seaweed, and all the lobster, oysters and caviar you need for New Year’s.

Opening hours: 30 + 31 December, 10.00-14.00
Address: Slagteboderne 11, 1716 København V – Kødbyen.



Papillon: 15 DKK a piece

Le Gall: 20 DKK a piece

Poesie: 22 DKK a piece

Perle Blanche: 25 DKK a piece

Gigas: 15 DKK a piece

Limfjordsøsters: 30 DKK a piece

Fresh fish

Trout: 200 DKK/kg

Halibut: 200 DKK/kg

Cod: Market price

Live shellfish

Lobster: 500 DKK/kg

Cockles: 200 DKK/kg

Mussels: 50 DKK/kg

Hand dived and live seafood from the Faroe Islands

Horse mussel: 85 DKK a piece

Sea urchin: 75 DKK a piece

Langoustine: 70 DKK a piece

Other delicacies

Caviar  Gold 50 g: 475 DKK

Caviar Gold 10 g: 175 DKK

Seaweed (Chondrus crispus): 50 DKK/100 g

See the full menu (in Danish)