Fresh ingredients? Of course! The Fish Bar menu can vary from day to day depending on the catch. And naturally it reflects the changing seasons


3 pcs/6 pcs

Papillon – Arés
light and salty 80,-/155,-

Le Gall – Bretagne
briny 110,-/210,-

St. Vaast – Normandy
rich and intense 130,-/245,-
Gillardeau – Marennes
elegant 140,-/265,-

Oyster tasting
1 of each oyster above 4 pcs 155,-
2 of each oyster above 8 pcs 290,-

Gigas – Limfjorden
mineralic 120,-/230,-

raw bar

Trout – Bisserup
rye emulsion, capers, dill and burnt onion 125,-

Bleak roe – Sweden
baby carrots, sea buckthorn, quail egg and poppy seed 95,-

Mackerel – Øresund
skagen ham, green tomato and fennel 115,-

Scallops – North Atlantic
fresh hazelnut, black trumpets,
pickled plums and geranium 145,-

Green salad – France
vinaigrette, no fuss 55,-

medium courses from the hot kitchen

Fish and chips – Langø
lightly smoked cod
hand cut potatoes and raw remoulade 110,-

Blue mussels – Limfjorden
steamed in apple cider with plenty of herbs 105,-

Plaice – Baltic Sea
pan fried
smoked cod roe, gherkins and broccoli 155,-

Mullet – North Sea
seared, on the skin side
baby corn, chanterelles and chicken skin 135,-

Monkfish liver – North Sea
beetroot, rose petals and red currant 85,-

Squid – Western shores
celeriac, black garlic,
pickled pine shoots and blueberry 165,-

Savoy Cabbage – Denmark
char grilled
new danish onions, potato,
mild horseradish and chives 105,-

Below the surface


7 courses, chef’s choice per person 600,-

– served to the whole table


5 glasses of matching wines 500,-


bigger courses

Blue mussels – Limfjorden
steamed in apple cider with plenty of herbs 155,-


served with
fried baby gem,
turnip, sheep yoghurt, dill
radish, courgette and wild chervil
new potatoes and lovage

Cod – Kattegat
firm, white meat
baked 245,-

Hake – Western Shore
delicate, juicy meat
seared 255,-


Beef – Southern Denmark
fillet, tongue, cheek
onion and artichoke
new potatoes and lovage 265,-


Vegetables – Denmark
baby gem, peas, beet, hispi cabbage,
fennel, and poached egg from Vorsholtgård,
new potatoes and lovage 215,-


4 nordic cheeses: 135,-
‘Gammel Knas’ – Nr. Vium mejeri
‘Gedegouda’ – Sondrup gårdmejeri
‘Granbarkost’ – Jürss mejeri
‘Fåreost Blå’ – Løgismose


Chocolate – Bolivia
sea buckthorn, honey and feuilletine 110,-

Raspberry – Denmark
marzipan and goats cheese 105,-

Liquorice – Denmark
verbena, gooseberry and almonds 95,-

Blackberry – Denmark
flaxseed macaron, fennel tops and white chocolate 105,-

Sweets for the coffee
petits fours, 4 pcs made by Søren and Betty 65,-

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